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Valentine's Day in Review

Valentine's Day was a quiet one in the Farmer Gal household, albeit a good one. I believe it can best be summed up in my email conversations with Sunflower and Marigold...

From: Sunflower
To: Marigold and Farmer Gal
Subject: Loves of my life

Happy Valentines Day to the Lovely Ladies that I Love in my Life that I Love...

Hope you are treated like the goddesses that you are today! I got a lovely bouquet from my beau and we went out for breakfast at the little Christian Village last Saturday sans kids! We're excited about tomorrow because we get to sign our loan papers and officially buy our house and start the bulldozing!! (insert story here about a couple of funny, but private matters... details withheld to protect the innocent)

Enjoy the day, don't work too hard and take time to smell the roses!! Love to you both!

From: Farmer Gal
To: Marigold and Sunflower
Re: Loves of my life

Whoa! Drama! Glad you got it all worked out. Sounds like tomorrow will be an exciting day for you!!!
Thanks for the love. I could use a little today... The littles are running me ragged, and I have a bit of a cold, so I really just want to nestle in and nap! Thankfully, all but the littlest one are down for naps. Ahhhh... Two whole hours of peace!
We had a v-day banquet at our church last Friday... I think that may count as our official v-day 'date'. We're pretty low-key when it comes to this kind of stuff. Mr. Blue Eyes gave me a little shrub rose and painted me a 'happy valentine's day' picture, which he set out on the table for me to find when I got up this morning. All the little kids exchanged valentines, which led to a sugar-overload, which led to a sugar-crash, which led to naptime, which brings me to this very moment. I'd better make good use of my 'free' time!
Happy Valentine's to you both, my loves! :x lovestruck

From: Marigold
To: Sunflower and Farmer Gal
Re: Loves of my life...

I'm a little late with my 2 cents, but as I sip my red wine and reflect on my day, I don't have much excitement to report. I suppose I could embellish a couple incidences that happened today which might result in a mildly entertaining tale, but maybe instead I will enjoy the drama-less details and sip more red wine... can't explain it, but I'm really mellow feeling right now ;)

I choose to express myself in the following short bursts...

-hand-written note, chocolate, green tea in my makeup case from hubby... sigh
-kids clean and dressed and fed breakfast (choc. chip brownies with pb choc frosting I had the foresight to make last night)
-G laden with handmade v-day cards and little cuties deposited at school
-E singing songs with me as we drive into Greeley to meet G.pa & G.ma
-treats exchanged with the g.folks in the parking lot at work
-a full 8 hrs. of challenging but ultimately rewarding tasks and interactions with coworkers made sweeter by sharing the aforementioned brownies
-commute home, more singing
-happy E picked up from happy g.folks
-back at the ranch by 6:15, supper of bratwursts & brussel sprouts (which I announced in a thick German accent)
-uncle T wrestling and chasing G & E around, with no crying as a result
-all 5 of us watching Swamp People
-phone convo with mom
-kids to bed with minimal crying

and now I find myself here, delightfully vegging and reflecting, and I've stumbled upon a revelation - enjoy the simple pleasures! much love to you both, and like I told mom, the dream is still very much alive in my mind - we (me & mine, you guys & your respective progeny, ok... husbands can come too) will live together someday, if only for a month or so a year.... yes, that's a threat and a promise ;) live it, love it, learn it - wow, I have expounded much more than I anticipated... Good Love and God Speed -

From: Farmer Gal
To: Marigold and Sunflower
Re: Loves of my life
The mellow feeling was due to the wine, perhaps? ;) winking Sounds like you had a lovely day. I was pretty 'mellow' last night as well, although it was head cold induced. Hubby made us an interesting hotdish, which we aptly named 'Prison Food'. It had somewhat of a slop-consistency to it, but it was edible. I laid on the couch and watched the Westminster dog show, where I drifted off to sleep at about 9:00. Both kids were their usual combination of funny, full of the dickens, and ornery all at the same time, as is the norm. Today my head feels a little less stuffy, so hopefully I'm on the mend.
Sunflower, I was just checking out the (online publication which shall remain nameless) for this week. I don't know how you churn that thing out week after week! I'm always inspired by it.
Marigold, keep the dream alive. Cohabitation, here we come! Even if it ends up being in a nursing home, but hopefully before that.
Well, better go take care of the little'uns. Duty calls! (Or whines, cries, etc... in my case.)
I love you even more today than yesterday!

The day also involved little chats with my mom, my ninety-two-year-old uncle in the nursing home (who, when I said 'I love you', replied 'I love you twice!'), and a beloved aunt. I sure do love all the loves of my life, and I'm thankful that I'm blessed with many.

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Reader Comments (2)

Sounds like a really nice weekend-V-Day! Loan papers? Bulldozers? Now that sounds mega exciting! Do share! :-)

February 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbeth

It sounds like your LOVE holiday was perfect.

I love the exhanges between you girls. I bet having sisters was a riot all of your life.

February 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTauna

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