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A Whole Lotta Motherin' Going On

I've spent a ridonkulous amount of time cleaning and organizing inside our house lately.

And by 'ridonkulous', I mean...





I have looked down into the deep, dark abyss of many a storage tub full of the most random of toys, many of them smaller than my pinky toe (hello legos! kinex! color loops! crayons! markers! I love you and hate you at the same time), and almost cried as I began the sorting out process. And after much sorting, subdividing, scrubbing, folding up, hanging up and stacking up, I have come to the following conclusions...

1. My family members are hoarders.
2. My family members are stuffers.
3. My family members are wedgers.
4. We have too much stuff.
5. The only thing more daunting than a family of hoarders, stuffers and wedgers is adding an 18-month-old into the mix who follows me around and empties out my cupboards.

But press on I shall! Actually we have made major progress and are nearing the end of this long, sordid journey of home organization. I am determined to see this project through to the very end, for several reasons...

(sorry, anther list)

1. I am not currently pregnant.
2. I am not currently nursing a wee babe and/or sleep deprived.
3. For the last two years I was either pregnant or nursing a wee babe, and most definitely sleep deprived, so I fell way behind.
4. We are starting homeschool in the fall, and since we are going to all be home a lot more, we need more structure to our cleaning-up routines around the house. My first priority this summer is to develop a place for everything, put everything in its place, and teach my kids how to do the same.
5. We are not done having kids (Lord willing), so I want to have my 'stuff' together when the day arrives that we find #4 is on the way.
6. Our house is fairly small, and it takes a small amount of ingenuity to keep from feeling like we are piling things on top of ourselves. Maybe someday I'll write a post about ways I've implemented to be organized in a small home.

My mothering these days is highly focused on teaching our little whipper-snappers how to be responsible and take good care of our home and their stuff. Oh my, it is a battle. It seems like they can dismantle a week's worth of organizing in a single hour. It hasn't been without some frustrating moments, but for the most part they are doing a good job of helping out. They mean well, it's just that sometimes they get funny ideas about stuff, such as stealing all of my sandwich bags to put their dvd discs in, since they don't see the need to find the case that it actually belongs in.

So I offer a whopping dose of guidance on these kinds of matters.

The inclination to create order is down in them deep somewhere, it just doesn't always come out in the most helpful of ways.

My husband, although not an organizer by nature, has also been a big help, especially in the area of heavy-lifting. And moral support. And hauling stuff out the door.

Thankfully, 'mother Daisy' and 'mother nature' are taking care of the other two big projects we have going on around here...

The puppies. Oh, the puppies. They are growing wonderously. This picture was actually taken about a week ago. Their eyes are open and they're beginning to be a little more coordinated about crawling around now. We just go sit and watch them a couple times a day, and soak up their cuteness as much as we can. The cuteness... It is so profound, and also so short-lived, as they will one day soon go to live with their forever families, so we just nuzzle and kiss them as much as we can.

I'm so thankful that Daisy is doing pretty much all the work on this one. It endears her to me even more.

We mothers gotta stick together.

Solidarity, man.

Or something like that.

And the garden, well...

...it looks mahvelous.

I realize it doesn't look all that mahvelous in this picture. But I haven't taken any garden pictures for a couple weeks, so this is as good as it gets.

I'm very thankful that mother nature is handling all of the garden's needs at the moment. And Mr. Blue Eyes... He tilled up all the little weeds about a week ago. And Short Stack. I send him out to shovel up weeds every afternoon.

Ha ha.

Hee hee.

Oh hee hee hee ha ha...

I may going a little bonkers from all the organizing I've been doing.

One of these days I'm going to sit down on a beach somewhere, read a book, and sip on an ice cold margarita.

But today ain't that day.

I have a couple closets and a desk just waiting for my attention.

Happy Wednesday!

By God's grace...
          Farmer Gal


My Crepe-ey Monday Morning

I tried to text this pic to my nieces this morning with the caption, "Why are Monday mornings always so crepe-ey?"

Because I was making crepes.

And it's Monday.

And then I had intentions of sending them this pic...

...with the caption, "For some reason I find myself feeling so blue(berry)."

Because I put blueberries on my crepes.

Hee hee.

But then for some reason the text wouldn't go through and all my jovial aspirations were crushed.

Until I remembered I have a blog, so I could share my wit with the whole wonderful world!

I love how things just work out sometimes.

Anyhow, it's Monday, and I have to admit I am resisting it and feeling a little bluesy. Mr. Blue Eyes had to pry me out of bed with a crow bar this morning.

Not really.

He used peppermint tea.

He knows how to handle me.

Usually it doesn't require a crow bar.

Anyhow, it's Monday, and I am slowly but surely easing my way into the day and getting my groove back. Not sure why I woke up so discombobulated.

Maybe I'm just tired from weekend fun.

Maybe having Father's Day yesterday made me miss my dad a little.

Maybe it's because Mr. Blue Eyes accidentally ran over my favorite kitty a couple weeks ago and I still miss her.

Maybe it's because I'm a woman subject to mood fluctuations that defy explanation.

Maybe it's all of the above.

Anyhow, it's Monday, and since I couldn't get my crepe-ey, blueberry silliness expressed via my cellular device as planned, I had to download pics from my phone onto my computer so that I could share it with you fine people, and I have to admit I'm getting a little kick out of them.

This is a picture of my flat buns.


I was making bread about a month ago and for some reason they turned out really flat (yet still delicious, thankfully).

Oh, how I can relate to these flat buns.

This picture might as well be a mirror, behind me. I just thank the good Lord for spanx. And bras. And hair spray.

They're what hold us women together.

Moving on...

I texted this pic to Mr. Blue Eyes one evening after he'd been working several weeks of long hours. We opened up this book and realized that he had recorded himself reading it during the winter months, and then we all had forgotten about it. We were all pleasantly surprised and comforted to listen to daddy's voice as we were missing him something fierce.

I took this one of Little Blue Eyes (also to send to Mr. Blue Eyes) when I went with his school class on a field trip to a train station museum. It was a really fun place to visit, except for the fact that we were all sort of taken surprise by how cold it was that day and spent most of the tour shivering, chattering teeth, stepping from side to side and dancing around to stay warm. It was sort of a torture field trip, really, but we lived to tell about it and I actually have fond memories of that day.

Especially now that I'm warm and cozy inside my house.

This one is a bit of a bummer, as the kitty is Marsha, whom got ran over (and died... hold on for a minute while I weep for a moment...................................................) a couple weeks ago. But it's too cute not to share. This is why I loved Marsha... She was the sweetest, most gentle kitty we've ever had, and she just loved on us and the kids every chance she got.

Anyhow, it's Monday, and me and my flat buns had better stop being so sentimental and get something done around here. I'm thinking maybe we should indulge in smiley fries for lunch. What do you think?

By God's grace...
          Farmer Gal


Short Stack... Some Things

Today I thought I'd share a few things about Short Stack, currently our youngest child, as he's new to my re-emergence into the blogging world.

If I could describe Short Stack in one word, it would be 'robust'. He is not a mild-mannered child; if he is awake, he's full-on, all the time. He is constantly on the go, scuttling from room to room, climbing, digging in cupboards, climbing some more, chattering to the rest of us, opening and shutting doors, climbing, and... climbing. When we go outside, he charges from one place to the next, exploring, pulling off dandelion heads, attempting to pick up kitties, snuggling puppies, crawling up the slide, going down the slide, crawling up the slide, going down the slide, up the slide, down the slide... and... climbing.

He loves to climb.

He lives for climbing.

We currently spend our every waking moment of his every waking moment following him around and spotting him (or removing him from) his many climbing adventures.

Some of this is surely due to his age (almost 18 months now!), while I'm quite sure some of this is just a glimpse of his developing personality. He's a go-er and a do-er, just like his papa.

Never a dull moment.

It's all I can do to keep up.

Who knew that this little cherub...

 ...would grow to be such a go-getter?


He's also kind of a ham. He has always seemed to have had a sense of humor about him. The other day he put on Little Blue Eyes' hat and Miss Peaches' sandals and yelled, "Mom!" When I turned to look at him he started laughing and then proceded to do a little happy jig through the house. When he runs, we like to say he has a little 'hitch in his giddy-up', as it's more of a gallop than anything.

The guy's got character.

Short Stack is:

Robust, active, passionate, expressive, for the most part unafraid of new places or people, humorous and loving.

Short Stack likes to eat:

Pancakes, waffles, crepes, chocolate chips, ice cream, green vegetables, cheese, raisins, milk and juice. He would live on just those foods if we let him.

Short Stack likes to:

Go up and down his little slide, go for walks in the stroller, pluck dandelion heads, take batteries out of things, turn lights on and off, snuggle kitties and puppies, give mama kisses, hang with daddy as much as he can, take things apart, try to screw lids onto bottles, play in the bath tub, and of course... climb things.

Short Stack does not like:

Waiting, sitting still, containment of any sort (high chair, car seat, play pen, etc...), mashed potatoes, actual 'baby' toys, and having his diaper changed (because it involves sitting still, but this is improving).

Short Stack's day looks like:

Rises with the sun, yells for mom or dad, chugs milk, cruises around the house a little, eats breakfast, has playtime (i.e. mostly climbing on things), takes morning nap, eats lunch, enjoys more playtime, takes afternoon nap, eats supper, and then usually has a time of general crabbiness in the evening. Sometimes this is warranted, as being the third child, he has to keep up with our schedule of being here, there and everywhere throughout the week and naps aren't always ideal. Sometimes, however, it's just how he is, even if naptime is perfection.

Ah, the joys of raising an 18 month old.

We are in what I always consider the most difficult stage of raising little ones... the age span of 18 months to 2 years. It's the age where they have many opinions and desires, yet can't express themselves as well as they would like, and also have no judgement whatsoever as to what is safe or allowed, versus what isn't.

Yet we 'count it all joy' to go through this phase of life with our little Short Stack. I can't wait to see what God does with our lively little guy. He puts love in our hearts and an extra spring in our steps!

By God's grace...
          Farmer Gal


Evening, Lovely and Fair

'Gorgeous' is the word this evening. The air is clear, crisp, and just the right amount of unseasonably cool, nippy enough that I even enjoyed a hot chocolate.

It has been a good day of hard work, little goals reached, muscles stretched, and friendly chatter.

The oldest kids are out frolicking like two frisky foals, while the littlest is settled into bed and babbling to himself. The Mr. is just finishing up mowing the lawn and the air smells sweetly of freshly clipped grass.


Puppies are sleeping peacefully as only newborn babies sleep, twitching little paws and whiskers as they dream about drinking milk and Lord only knows what else. We wait in anticipation for their little eyes to open to the world for the very first time.

Peonies are in bloom, the garden is planted in full, and it seems as if the entire planet is bursting with green. It's the kind of evening you wish to keep, but as all evenings do, it will eventually succumb to another new day, and that's a-ok.


As we like to say, "It's good sleepin' weather."

I think I'll climb into my cozy nest right now.

By God's grace...
          Farmer Gal


A Puppy Story

I was so unprepared.

I was utterly unprepared for the cuteness.

The sweetness.

The gentleness.

The wonder of it all.

Say 'hello'... to our little friends.

Tank (boy), Tinker (girl), Tucker (boy), Tanner (boy) and...

Tiny (boy).

Sweet Tiny. He's the one, really, I wasn't prepared for.

Sweet little Tiny was the first one born, so he had to wait for mama to finish birthing the other four pups before he really got the attention he needed, and once they all were born we realized that compared to them, he was... tiny.

Tiny was born about 11:00 p.m., while the last puppy was born at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. By about 9:00 that morning we realized that Tiny wasn't doing well. He was sort of off to the side of Daisy and the other pups, and he felt cool to the touch.

Tiny was not going to make it without help, so I headed off to town to get him some puppy formula and called my sister-in-law-to-be, who has raised welsh corgis for many years, to get some advice. I honestly wondered if I should even try to save him... I didn't want to prolong anything if he was going to die anyway. But she encouraged me that, yes, it was definitely possible to save the little guy. She said we first had to warm him up gently, to get his digestive system to 'wake up' before we tried to feed him, so I called Mr. Blue Eyes (still at home) and told him he had to hold Tiny and begin warming him up. She also said we should give him an injection of electrolytes because he was probably already dehydrated, so I picked it up at the vet clinic, along with the formula.

Long story short, I gave him the injection, which began to help him out, and when he was warm enough I gently and carefully gave him the formula little by little throughout the day. Thankfully, Daisy would nuzzle him and clean him up every time I put him back with her and the other pups. I got up during the night and fed him as well, and every time I fed him he got a little bit stronger, and by morning he was squirming and rooting around, so I put him next to Daisy and he began nursing!

And now every time I think about Tiny, the song 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child runs through my head.

I can't help it.

It's one of the curses of growing up in the 90's, along with knowing every line from the show Friends.

But back to the puppies...

Throughout that day I continued to go and put Tiny next to Daisy every couple hours to be sure he was getting close enough to her to nurse, as he wasn't quite strong enough to get to her. That evening before bed I was sitting with them and thinking I would probably need to continue getting up during the night to place him next to her to eat. Right about that time, Miss Daisy got up and gently picked up Tiny in her mouth, brought him over to the corner, laid him down, then wedged herself right in next to him so he could eat.

I just about melted into a puddle.

In part, because it was so sweet.

But also in part, because it meant I no longer had to get up every 2-3 hours round the clock.

Best. sweetest. most. loving. mama. ever.

I may be a little biased.

The other puppies, on the other hand...

...have had a little easier go of things.

Good grief. That's Tank over there on the right, with Tucker underneath, and Tiny on top.

Cute!?! You want cute???

You can't handle the cute!!!!

But you'd better learn to try because more puppy pics are sure to come.

By God's grace...
          Farmer Gal